Music Group

music group
Indie Label 'Road March Records | that music sound that will make you move

DJ Balck LynX | Remix Trkz

DJ Black LynX
Smok'd Out Recordz | music that will have you smoke'in

audio trk 4
DJ Black LynX Mix Sample | Nobody Sleep -N- New York on | Indie Label | Smok'd Out Recordz artist | 'Chief of Smoke'


    Music industry is entering a new dawn. Independent and major recording artist are now able to sell their music world wide | withour interference from executive big shots. You can be a several hundred person music company | or you can be a one man operation. Either way | you music can be accessable to any and everyone who desires to purchase your musical works.

DJ Black LynX | Mix of | Smok'd Out Rexordz trk | Nobody Sleeps -N- New York

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